listen heterosexuals

if a gay or bisexual person hits on you in a space that ISN’T specifically gay-friendly and your reaction is to scoff because you might get some gay on you, you need to reevaluate yourself. if you are so fine that someone risks homophobia for you you better say THANK YOU because that shit takes more courage than you will ever have

i mean, treat it the same as you would someone of the opposite sex hitting on you—if you’re attracted and they’re respectful, go for it. if they’re not attractive to you and they’re respectful, say no thank you. and if they’re not respectful, regardless of gender, shut that shit down.

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Kink + Porn Critical Stances


Things I will always criticize (no matter the backlash)

  • the fetishization of slavery/racism/”race-play”/”bondage”
  • the exotification/fetishization of WOC
  • the fetishization of female pain/submission/rape/torture
  • the fetishization of under-aged girls (this also includes the infantilization of adult women which still reinforces the former)
  • the sexualization/fetishization of paternalistic father figures sexually abusing women and girls/”daddy kink”
  • the use of trafficked individuals (statistically, usually women and girls) being forced to “perform” in porn/being raped on film
  • the misogyny and racism rampant in pornography
  • comparing lesbianism, gayness and bisexuality with pedophilia and kinks or paraphilia
  • the dismissive attitudes porn actresses are subjected to when they come out about the violent sexual and physical abuse they endure at the hands of misogynists in the industry

saying that sex work in any form can be empowering

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"tea is just leaf water!" "yeah well coffee is just bean water!" wow, it’s. it’s like everything is made of things. this door is just wood rectangle. this poster is just ink paper. this lemonade is just lemon water. wow, it’s like you can combine ingredients to make things that are more enjoyable than the initial parts of the equation. sure is a magical world we live in

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Anonymous asked: Sick of fat pirate dragon-worshipping feminists like you



fat pirate dragon-worshipping feminist

fat pirate dragon-worshipping feminist

fat pirate dragon-worshipping feminist



i’m not even gonna respond to the hateful part like you surely know you’re trash already i’m just gonna proudly be a fat pirate dragon-worshipping feminist

That deescalated quickly


Have you ever been the fool of a prank or joke on April Fool’s Day? x

Last night Peter tried to sit on a stack of amps but they toppled and he fell flat on his face and my god he looked so stupid and I LOVE HIM SO MUCH



Anonymous asked: Did Pete date with Amy Winehouse or they were just friends? Bc I always thought they were friends but today on the internet I read different. I'm just confused,sorry. Love you)


hello, i love you too! / i have no idea to be honest. official they were only friends before her dead. then after it peter said they had a romance. but there are videos where he talked about how angry and sad press makes him when they suggest shes his lover when they are only good friends. ughh… lets be honest, peter is an attention whore and its not a secret which makes me think they were not really together. but he also likes to romanticise things and stories. i know he really misses her. maybe after her dead he realised they could be lovers. maybe they kissed one time or something… i dont really know. we will never know actually. xx

In his recently published diaries, he mentions ‘doing the Humpty Dumpty’ with Amy, but who knows what that means or if they actually did.




Anonymous asked: ok so I know you dont like edie and I dont either but I feel bad for that, like, if she make carl happy I should be happy too right? but... idk how to explain :(. this is so frustrating. But anyway, I want to know what you think about katia? :)



saying that i dont like her is probably too much. i just remember some things that she did in past and it makes me more suspicious about her these days. she doesnt want the libertines to get back together and i am big libertines fan so why should i taking her side? on the other hand, i understand well why she acts like that. she loves carl, carl loves her, they have children, they are happy together. reunion is not safe for her because of peter and carl relationship and she knows that.

anyway, i truly think shes a beautiful person with a strong personality, which is great. how about katia? i know less about her than i know about edie but she seems to be SO SWEET. i think she cares about peter and he should be really grateful! im so happy for them :) xxxxxxxxx

let me reblog myself because it should be clear: i dont hate edie.

she certainly has the right not to want her boyfriend to get back together with his old band (i have reservations myself), and she has fabulous style and is really gorgeous and has a good voice and seems like a great mom. no idea what she’s like irl but she seems like a cool person.